Better People | by Britta


Early mornings are the best! Inside it is quiet, well except for the clicking of the keys and the blowing of fans. Quiet…such a strange thing these days. Usually our home is full of noise. Toy cars, trains and spaceships zooming by, the refrigerator door opening and closing a hundred times before lunch, chit chat about this or that, when and why, conversations about college and the random “Mom I need to go pee!” or “I’m poopy!” and then there is the screaming. “He took my toy.” or “Stop bothering me!”…this is my crazy, wonderful, life!! I’m in the throws of parenting teens and toddlers…all boys! Yes you heard me right. It is a wonderful place and there is no place else I’d rather be.  I have a secret to tell you…little people, make bigger people, better people. Did you get that? Soak that in for a second,

Little People, Make Bigger People, Better People

I’ve been thinking a lot about the sibling bond these past few months. The bond that my bio kids have with my adopted kids is pretty special. Our daughter who is grown, married and lives out of state misses her little brothers terribly. I think it is so sweet that she will call just to talk to her 2 year old brother. Then there are those moments when our 13 year old will just play with his little brothers…play hard. It also brings joy to my heart when I see our 15 year old snuggling with a little guy. Wow!! This is what I’m talking about. This is why little people make us better. They teach us how to be patient, how to play, how to snuggle, and mostly how to love. Blood is not thicker than water…FAMILY no matter how it’s created is the strongest bond there ever could be.

So what about my adopted kiddo’s bio siblings? You know the ones that were adopted by someone else. I get a lump in my throat and a stinging in my eye just typing that out. I grieve that they don’t get to grow up together. Even though they may only see each other once a year the bond they have is incredible! I watch them play and talk and just be together. It’s like time and distance don’t matter…FAMILY is what matters.

I’m a better human being because we adopted. I get to see things and know things that not many people get to know or see. I have grown into a woman of compassion. A woman who sees my children as souls not as flesh and bones.  A woman who loves more deeply, lives more intentionally, and prays more passionately. God has used the two littlest people in my life to make me a much, much better person. How have the little people in your life made you a better person?