The Call of Motherhood | by Kelly

What a blessing motherhood is. I always knew growing up, that it was the only thing I would ever really do. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy other things, oh no, I have had several aspirations and interests over the years, but nothing has “stuck” like mothering. I tell people all the time that I know how to do a lot of different things, just none of it completely well. Once I recognized the fact that maybe what was meant to fill my time 24/7, was motherhood, it was like the gates of opportunity opened to me, the lightbulb went on, and I didn’t have to feel defeated by past failed endeavors anymore.

For the majority of my mothering career, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, with only the occasional part time “job” in the workforce. It’s not that we’re so incredibly wealthy we can swing it financially, quite the contrary. It’s simply that we’ve decided there’s a lot we’re willing to do without, so my girls have their mom with them. To shed some light on a popular issue of comparison and mom bullying, let me just say that our choice for me to stay at home is just that, our choice. Not your choice, not what I think should be your choice, not what I’m comparing to your choice. I believe a lot of people think that moms who stay home look down their noses on those who don’t. I can’t speak for all of them, but I’ll just say that for me, there’s no way I can compare your choices to my own and neither should you do that to me. See, the Lord planted a desire in my heart, called me to this life and even equipped me for it. The real question isn’t what I think of your choices in mothering, it’s what He thinks.

In 1 Chronicles 28:9, the Lord says,

“And thou, Solomon my son, know thou the God of thy father, and serve him with a perfect heart and with a willing mind: for the Lord searcheth all hearts, and understandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: if thou seek him, he will be found of thee; but if thou forsake him, he will cast thee off for ever.”

This verse gives wonderful direction as to Who we should be pleasing. The Lord searches our heart: not the mom down the street, or the ladies Sunday School teacher, not our mom, or even the Pastor’s wife. The Lord. I think that maybe sometimes we look instead to what everyone else around us thinks, because we don’t want the real answer from the Lord.

What is He calling you to today? Maybe that question is answered with exactly what you’re doing in your life already. Praise the Lord for your obedience to His calling on your life! There is no better, or safer place to be than the will of God. But maybe you’ve felt as I have before, that there’s something missing. Maybe you know in the back of your mind what that something is, but you’re just drifting along, afraid to make any changes, out of fear of what others may think, or how it may upset the life you’re familiar with. Let me encourage you to seek the Lord’s will for your life and not what everyone else thinks you should be doing. Let’s face it, motherhood is so very hard, we don’t need to be trying to please everyone around us at the same time!



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